What Happens In The Back Of A Limo

The things people get up to in my limo

Chris Roubis Hummer Stretch Limousin

My limousine usually leaves people in awe whenever I pass through streets of Sydney both at night and during the day as I ferry my clients. This car stretching up to 11 meters and can accommodate 13 people is a spectacle. My clients usually hire this car for various purposes such as special occasions, corporate events, parties and weddings.

The interior

People usually admire the outside of my limo not knowing that the best part of it is the interior. Let me inform those who have not had a chance to be my clients what they miss. The 11metre long car has features that you will not find in any given car in the street. Some of these features am talking you about include;

  • Fully equipped bar
  • Luxury leather seat
  • 3 LCD screens
  • DVD and CD players
  • Fully integrated sound system
  • Fiber optic lighting system
  • Laser lighting and smoke machine


Things that happen inside my limo

I guess you now have a picture of the interior of what I popularly call my mobile office. What I know you still don’t know is the things that happen inside the car. Events that happen at the back of the limo are at times interesting, some other times irritating while in other cases some people may consider them best left for the bedroom.. This however purely depends on the nature of my clients and the event for which the car is hired for.

Parities and celebrations

Parties in Sydney are not left for any age group. However, it’s only a few that hire my limo for their parties due to cost. The most common things people do in the back of a limo hired for parties are caused by alcohol. I remember there was a time that I had to ferry a group of graduates around Sydney to celebrate their graduation party and the happenings of that night remain one of the memorable experiences in my life as a limo driver.

Arrival at the pick up Location

I drove to the agreed pick up place ten minutes to 9pm .I found the group of five gentlemen I was to pick already enjoying themselves. I am used to such clients but what I did not know was that this was going to be a different night. I drove them to a strip club in Sydney and waited outside. They were finally out after five good hours. .The group was looking very drunk and I knew it was time to drop them back home.

Extra Time (I love extra time!)

John, one of the gentlemen in the group asked me how much it would cost for two extra hours and if one could do anything inside the limo. I knew what he meant and I therefore agreed. I knew that the most common things people do in the back of a limousine while drunk are not allowed as per the agreement but I could not stop him. He paid the extra cost plus a tip and asked me to drop the rest of the crew home.

The drive back to Sydney University

Chris Roubis Limo Driver Confessions


After the other guys were safely home, John requested me to take him to his former University to pick four female “cousins”. I obliged and we were there in no time. The four ladies boarded the limo and then requested for some songs which I played for them .The next two hours were spent driving around the streets of Sydney with my tipsy occupants. The clients started having discussions on various topics and it reached a point where I had a feeling old mate John may have been in the company of people other than his “cousins”. They wanted me to be part of the conversation. After two hours, I took them back to John’s place and when they quite intoxicated. Without releaving the full details of what was discussed lets just say John was a very busy man that night.

Limos are usually used for events that are prestigious, weddings and even funerals. The idea is usually to make the events memorable. Frankly speaking, the most common things people do at the back of the limo are at times quite a shock, but I’ve seen it all now so I’m not embarrassed. It part of my job.