Guide To Moving to Brisbane

Guide To Moving to Brisbane

Moving to Brisbane

My brother recently moved to Brisbane from Sydney and I put together a guide for him. In this article I will enhance on the guide and include some more detailed information.

Brisbane is the state capital of Queensland and the third largest city in Australia (behind Sydney and Melbourne). It has one of the best climates of any capital city in Australia. The sub-tropical environment means it is warm throughout the year with mild, dry winters. The city enjoys over three hundred days of sunlight a year, and as a result, the city makes good use of the outdoors and the river that wraps around the city. Visit Brisbane is a great website to learn more about activities and events in the city.

Getting there:

From within Australia, you can easily get to Brisbane by road or air. Brisbane airport is well served by all the major domestic airlines such as:

  • Jetstar
  • Virgin Blue
  • Qantas

It’s about a ninety-minute flight from Sydney to Brisbane and around two hours from Melbourne. If you’re traveling by road, then it’s a good ten hours on the road from Sydney so best to break it up if possible and explore some of the coasts on the way up such as Byron Bay or Coffs Harbour. If you’re moving to Brisbane from overseas, then the airport is well served with direct flights from Asia and connections from other parts of the world such as Europe and the US. Airlines that fly into Brisbane include Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Qantas and Cathay Pacific.

Once you land, you can either get the Air train into the city or catch a taxi which will take around 20-25 minutes to get into the city.

Moving to Brisbane

To make sure that you can enjoy the process associated with Moving to Brisbane. You can follow certain tips and make the process of relocation quite simple. Moving furniture can be stressful but with a little careful planning you can relive some of the stress involved. Always research a list of removalists in the location you are moving to. My brother used Pro Removalists Brisbane and they were very helpful in helping him plan and prepare for moving day. A good removalist will pack everything including books, wardrobes, fragile items and of course all your furniture. They all require a unique type of handling so having professional help is essential. Here are some tips to guide you through the process of moving to Queensland’s capital city:

Make a checklist

You should make a list much in advance. It should contain data on everything that’s required such as the kind items present, the time and date of moving. You might also want to add a note for the removalist if required. This will help you plan out each step meticulously.

Segregate items you don’t need:

Sit down and make a list of all possessions that you wish to take along, as well as the ones you don’t need. You can sell off the items you don’t need by placing ads on local classifieds. Many expat students and immigrant employees are always on the lookout for second-hand goods. Earn some extra cash with which you can use to hire professional removalists to help you. It will also save the packaging and moving costs associated with moving those unrequired goods.

Research Online

There are numerous blogs and forums where people share their experience of moving. They can give you tips to avoid the most common problems associated with relocation and also give you the contact details of some good removalist which they hired. Discussing your apprehensions with like-minded people will yield positive results.Some removalists do the packing for you, so you can avoid the stress of moving. The removalists will pack your stuff and unpack it at the other end, so it is wise to provide them a floor plan to ensure that they place everything where you want it.

Use stickers for an indication

Using stickers can be a good indication of the goods inside a carton. This will help you to identify which carton is meant for which room and subsequently save a lot of precious time when you move into a new place. Make sure you keep on writing the contents of a carton on the sticker while you are putting goods inside it. Else, the chances are that you might miss out on some of them. Keep packaging materials handy: For your personal satisfaction, ensure that you purchase only high-quality products. The packaging material includes bubble wrap, cardboard, old newspapers, tape, boxes and cartons.

If you have any doubt regarding the same, you can always consult any of the professional removalists. They can guide you with the same and even provide you with the packaging material.

I hope you enjoyed the Guide To Moving to Brisbane and if you would like to ask any questions please contact me or leave a comment.