Chauffeured Sightseeing Tours of Sydney – My Top Five Locations

Top Five Locations For Luxury Chauffeured Tours of Sydney

Limousine Sightseeing Sydney

Hire A Limousine & Discover Sydney in Complete Comfort

I often get jobs for sightseeing tours in and around Sydney. I wanted to write a post about some of the most popular locations I take clients too.

Sydney is one of the most popular Australian cities. The city attracts several hundred thousand visitors each and every year. If you are planning a visit to Sydney, chauffeured tours offer a convenient way for you to explore some of the top attractions New South Wales has to offer. By hiring a limousine for your sightseeing tour you get the advantage of having a personal chauffuer and tour guide all rolled in to one. No asking for directions or checking the GPOS to see if you are lost. You’ll get pure comfort and five star service all day long.

Here are the top five locations that you should include as part of your Sydney tour.

Beautiful Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains - Limousine Sight Seeing Destination

This location is just about an hour from Sydney Central. The Blue Mountains give you stunning views. You also have an opportunity to take a walk in the bush. There are several cosmopolitan restaurants in the area. Several eucalyptus trees dot the area, creating a bluish haze on the mountains. The Blue Mountains are home to various wildlife and bird species. A large section of the region is now considered a World Heritage Area. The place was discovered in 1813 and a limo tour of the area gives you a chance to explore the aboriginal culture firsthand. There are several villages, historic houses, and art galleries. You can also visit some of the marvellous gardens in the area. A limo tour allows you to escape the Sydney heat especially if you are visiting during the summer. Visit Devonshire Teas and enjoy their homemade scones. They serve their scones with some homemade jams and cream!

Breathtaking Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley Winery Sydney - Sightseeing Tours

This is one of the best wine regions in Sydney. A limousine hire allows you to explore Hunter Valley at your own convenience. Hunter Valley is renowned for its wines but it is also a great destination if you are looking for a chance to experience different cuisines. There are several fine dining restaurants and Al Fresco cafes in this valley. You can visit some of the wineries for some delicious food and wine. Lunch time in Hunter Valley is relaxing.

You can enjoy all the wine you want as the limo waits to take you back to your hotel. Some of the wineries that you can visit include:

  • Tyrrels
  • McWilliams Mt Pleasant Estate
  • Rothbury Estate


You can take a balloon flight or take a ride on a horse and carriage as you explore the vineyards. Visit the Hunter Resort during your limo tour and sample a variety of chocolates and cheeses. The Hunter River is a great place to canoe if you are looking for adventure.

Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park

Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park
This is one of the most popular national parks in New South Wales. It is easy to get to Ku-ring-gai Chase by limousine hire. You can have a picnic at Bobbin Head inside the park or take a walk along the Mangrove Boardwalk. You can also explore rock carvings created by Aborigines.
A limo hire is the best way to tour top locations around Sydney. You can explore the locations for as long as you want when you have a limousine hire. The tours give you an opportunity to learn about the country’s history. You also get to see wildlife, birdlife, and enjoy fine dining and shopping.

Sydney City Highlights


Parramatta Sydney - Limousine Sightseeing
If you are looking for the heart of Sydney, Parramatta should be your first stop when you get a limousine hire. There are several historical buildings to explore when you hire a limo for your tour. You can also visit some of the excellent restaurants and enjoy some mouth-watering meals.

For shopping enthusiasts, Parramatta has everything you need including:

  • Speciality stores
  • Boutiques
  • Shops
  • Department stores


There are over 600 retail stores for you to select from during your trip. The Heritage Walk is another popular attraction in this area. You can also visit Parramatta Park and the Old Government House that was completed in 1818.



Penrith Sydney - Limousine SightSeeing
To explore lots of open space during your limo tour, visit Penrith. This city offers rural scenery to allow you to relax. A limousine hire can take you for shopping at Penrith Plaza. For some adventure, you can visit the Sydney International Regatta Centre located at Penrith Lakes. This centre offers rowing, sailing, canoeing, picnic facilities, and club fishing. To learn about Aboriginal culture, visit the Muru Mittigar. You can learn some important history lessons at the Arms of Australia Inn Museum and the Museum of Fire.


Of course there is allot more I could ad to the list, Sydney has such an abundance of great destinations to see and so many fun things to do.

If you are ever in town and thinking of spoiling yourself and hiring a limousine, you won’t regret it!

Thanks for reading. Chris Roubis

What Happens In The Back Of A Limo

The things people get up to in my limo

Chris Roubis Hummer Stretch Limousin

My limousine usually leaves people in awe whenever I pass through streets of Sydney both at night and during the day as I ferry my clients. This car stretching up to 11 meters and can accommodate 13 people is a spectacle. My clients usually hire this car for various purposes such as special occasions, corporate events, parties and weddings.

The interior

People usually admire the outside of my limo not knowing that the best part of it is the interior. Let me inform those who have not had a chance to be my clients what they miss. The 11metre long car has features that you will not find in any given car in the street. Some of these features am talking you about include;

  • Fully equipped bar
  • Luxury leather seat
  • 3 LCD screens
  • DVD and CD players
  • Fully integrated sound system
  • Fiber optic lighting system
  • Laser lighting and smoke machine


Things that happen inside my limo

I guess you now have a picture of the interior of what I popularly call my mobile office. What I know you still don’t know is the things that happen inside the car. Events that happen at the back of the limo are at times interesting, some other times irritating while in other cases some people may consider them best left for the bedroom.. This however purely depends on the nature of my clients and the event for which the car is hired for.

Parities and celebrations

Parties in Sydney are not left for any age group. However, it’s only a few that hire my limo for their parties due to cost. The most common things people do in the back of a limo hired for parties are caused by alcohol. I remember there was a time that I had to ferry a group of graduates around Sydney to celebrate their graduation party and the happenings of that night remain one of the memorable experiences in my life as a limo driver.

Arrival at the pick up Location

I drove to the agreed pick up place ten minutes to 9pm .I found the group of five gentlemen I was to pick already enjoying themselves. I am used to such clients but what I did not know was that this was going to be a different night. I drove them to a strip club in Sydney and waited outside. They were finally out after five good hours. .The group was looking very drunk and I knew it was time to drop them back home.

Extra Time (I love extra time!)

John, one of the gentlemen in the group asked me how much it would cost for two extra hours and if one could do anything inside the limo. I knew what he meant and I therefore agreed. I knew that the most common things people do in the back of a limousine while drunk are not allowed as per the agreement but I could not stop him. He paid the extra cost plus a tip and asked me to drop the rest of the crew home.

The drive back to Sydney University

Chris Roubis Limo Driver Confessions


After the other guys were safely home, John requested me to take him to his former University to pick four female “cousins”. I obliged and we were there in no time. The four ladies boarded the limo and then requested for some songs which I played for them .The next two hours were spent driving around the streets of Sydney with my tipsy occupants. The clients started having discussions on various topics and it reached a point where I had a feeling old mate John may have been in the company of people other than his “cousins”. They wanted me to be part of the conversation. After two hours, I took them back to John’s place and when they quite intoxicated. Without releaving the full details of what was discussed lets just say John was a very busy man that night.

Limos are usually used for events that are prestigious, weddings and even funerals. The idea is usually to make the events memorable. Frankly speaking, the most common things people do at the back of the limo are at times quite a shock, but I’ve seen it all now so I’m not embarrassed. It part of my job.