The Life Of Limo Driver – Chris Roubis


Unlike what some individuals might like to believe, the life of a limo driver is not easy as it might seem at face value.

I have been privileged to ply this trade for more than 20 years, which has taught that life is never a bed of roses. It is up to me to make the most of what destiny might bring my way. My professional life is characterized by a never ending rush of making airport transfers to and fro high end hotels. Or navigating the bustling streets of Australian cities I operate to ensure my clients arrive on time to the important meetings they have scheduled. I can therefore say my job revolves around making the lives of my clients easier during what I may say, short period of time they are under my care.

Wealthy folk are normal too

As would be expected every single customer i take is different, but for the most part I specialize in catering for the transportation needs of moneyed individuals. Most of whom are usually high powered people who are always uptight and wound up like an accordion, which can be attributed to their business cares. It is always a big challenge trying to disarm them right from the airport terminal. I have discovered in my long and eventful career that it is wise to connect with such clients and not regard them as just a means to an end. This in most cases than not helps them to forget their worries and can even make lively conversations with a mere limo driver.

Under the pompous exoskeletons there lurks ordinary people

What I have discovered from all this is most individuals that might possess money so to speak, are usually fragile mollusk hiding behind an tough exterior. But are still anxious of life as you and me.

  • To this end I always try to carry out my professional functions from the perspective of an amiable host. This naturally means entertaining them with anecdotes they might love to hear regarding my day to day operations
  • If I deem it appropriate I make suggestions of what they might like to do while in this city
  • In essence I try to bring myself to their level of thinking, which has never failed me before


There is always a black sheep in every flock

Occasionally I get assigned to clients that are downright rude, and think it is beneath them to carry out dialogues with a limo driver. This is obviously distressing, but I have learnt from costly experience the benefits of not stirring such bumblebees. I always put on my professional demeanor and execute my obligations in a way that I can never be blamed.

I’m fond of weddings

Some of my best customers are newlyweds whose joy and vivaciousness is always infectious even to an unmarried specimen like me. Naturally I try to ensure that their special day is as memorable as possible.

  • There is always a bottle of champagne lolling in a bucket full of ice for the express enjoyment of such clients
  • Not to mention the tidbits that every luxury vehicle is expected to offer such a chocolate and even caviar


In most cases this usually leads to a heartfelt appreciation of my not neglecting anything that can make their ride in my limo pleasurable. Which always give me an immense satisfaction, and like I said, this set of clients happen to be my very best.

I also come across wannabes!

Once in a while I get to serve party makers who wish to do some club-hopping in a high end automobile. These types of customers can be a pain in the back, taking into consideration their intoxicated state. It is always with a private sigh of despair that I welcome such people into my limo. In most cases, particularly if they are couples, such individuals start performing lewd acts and it can be very hard to maintain my composure. What with the groping and noises that emanate from the back of my limo, and the thought that I’ll have to clean up after them.

In A Nutshell

All in all, I would say that the life of a limo driver might not be the best, but it’s still something deep down I really love. I get to meet lots of interesting people, which is always a silver lining. And the monetary compensation usually cover for the odd nitjob now and then!

I hope you enjoy my site as I share a few confessions I’ve had bottled up.